• Hovering the hands over the body is used to change or assess how energy is flowing.
  • Pulse taking gives the practitioner a wide variety of details about the client's health.
  • Qigong sessions give the body and mind access to a deep meditative state allowing for healing.

*Opening Special of $60 for the first session (normally priced at $80)*

Our Services

Signature Session

Qigong Class + Session

Immunity Activator

Back Rejuvenation

This qigong session provides overall balance to the body, restoring health, and allowing for a deep level of relaxation. Think of it as a way to relax, rejuvenate, restore, and reset. Leave feeling relaxed and replenished!

Come receive a relaxation session along with qigong exercise instruction. Qigong exercises provide the same therapeutic benefits as a relaxing table session. These exercises are accessible tools that can be used anytime or anywhere, empowering you to take part in the healing process.

Do you have the famous Austin allergies? or do you get sick a lot and/or frequently feel run down? If so, this is the session for you! This qigong session works to help boost your immune system, helping you become more resistant to viruses and allergies.

This session will help ease back, shoulder, and neck soreness, tightness, and pain, also providing a deep sense of calm. Get relief from back pain and feel better in your body!

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